GK Metro Grid

With module Metro Grid GK5, you can implement data output in the form of a grid in order to save space on the basis of the table layout of the website and implement various types of content using plug-ins. It works by using the placement of elements in the optimum position depending on the settings. It provides a smooth effect and makes a slight movement of the elements. With built-in support module attachment opportunities for the implementation of this version is not limited. The module offers a horizontal and vertical grid layouts. Enables just a few clicks to create an attractive portfolio, news or gallery wall with photos and movies with the support of social networks, etc.

Detailed specifications GK Metro Grid:

  • Grid layout for your popular module content;
  • No limits to what your grid can promote, whether simple text or complex module;
  • Responsive web design makes Grid perfect for all mobile devices;
  • Simple, understandable custom layouts;
  • Display the full range of media and social connections.

Key Features:

Date Relise:
Jun 2013
Date Update:
May 2014
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