Hot Film Tape

We are witnesses of the flood of responsive web sites. Those sites are made to be useful on all kind of devices, from desktop computers to mobile phones. It's not enough to have only a template that's responsible. If you are about to use modules on the responsive website, those modules should be responsive as well. Hot Film Tape is responsive Joomla module because it supports the responsive websites. This module automatically resizes itself in order to fit the available screen space as good as possible.

Detailed specifications Hot Film Tape:

  • Unique Element ID - If you need multiple instances of this module on the same page, each instance should have different ID.
  • Responsive Layout - If this mode is enabled, width of slides won't be fixed, but variable depending of the available space on screen.
  • Minimum/Maximum Items Visible - How many slides to show on screen at once. Set minimum and maximum number. If screen width is smaller, module will show less slides, but not less than minimum set here. Also, if screen width is larger, module will show more slides, but not more than the maximum set here.
  • Scroll Amount - How many slides to scroll at once.
  • Show Pagination Numbers - Select whether to show the pagination number buttons or not.
  • Show Left/Right Arrows - Select whether to show the navigation buttons or not.
  • Timer Bar - This option, when enabled, shows a timer line that counts time between two slides.
  • Automatic Slide Show - Select whether to change slides automatically, or only manually.
  • Element Width/Height - Set width and height of slides in pixels here. In the responsive mode, the width is variable.
  • Margin Between Two Elements - Enter value in pixels.
  • Elements Padding - Set padding inside each slide in pixels.
  • Text Color - Using the color picker, you can select color of text throughout the module.
  • Border Size/Color - Options related to border of the slides. Set size to 0 to disable border.
  • Button Options - These three options is related to the buttons color and text color.

Key Features:

Date Relise:
Apr 2013
Date Update:
Jun 2016
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