JB Fitvids

Fitvids is a simple Joomla plugin that implements Chris Coyler's and Paravel's responsive video solution. The Fitvids plugin automatically installs the javascript and css required to turn any video on your website into a fluid resizing video object. Fitvids requires that the jQuery library is loading on your website. If you are using one of the Zen Grid Framework Version 2 templates then this is already happening and so there is nothing more to do. Otherwise you can use our JB Library plugin or any other option available for adding jQuery to your Joomla website.

Detailed specifications JB Fitvids:

  • Running Joomla 3.x;

Key Features:

Date Relise:
Date Update:
Aug 2014
1 Mb
4.8 26
1 1 1 1 1 Rating 4.81 [26 Votes]

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