BlueServ PT

BlueServ PT is a professional and sleek Joomla template designed by Primer Templates. This template is perfect for businesses, corporations, and other organizations that want to create a strong online presence. The template features a modern and minimalist design with a blue color scheme, which gives it a fresh and professional look.

The BlueServ PT Joomla template is fully responsive, which means it is optimized to work seamlessly on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This makes it easy for visitors to access your website on any device, which can help to increase engagement and user satisfaction.

One of the standout features of the BlueServ PT template is its customizable homepage layout. You can easily add or remove modules to create a custom layout that suits your needs. There are also several pre-designed modules included with the template, such as an image slider, testimonials section, and team member profiles.

Another great feature of this template is its built-in contact form. This allows visitors to easily get in touch with your business or organization, which can help to increase conversions and leads.

Overall, BlueServ PT is a versatile and modern Joomla template that is perfect for businesses and organizations that want to create a strong online presence. With its customizable homepage layout, responsive design, and built-in contact form, this template is sure to impress both visitors and website owners alike.


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May 2015
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