J!Module CB Plug - 6 Pack

J!Module CB Plug - 6 Pack is a collection of six powerful Joomla plugins developed by JoomlaXTC, a leading provider of Joomla extensions and templates. These plugins are specifically designed to enhance the functionality of the Community Builder (CB) component, which is one of the most popular user management solutions for Joomla websites.

The J!Module CB Plug - 6 Pack includes the following plugins: CB Tab Module, CB Filter Module, CB Profile Pro Module, CB Latest Module, CB Login Module, and CB Status Module. Each of these plugins is designed to provide specific features and functionalities that are essential for managing user profiles, login systems, and user activity tracking.

The CB Tab Module allows you to display user profiles as tabs, providing a cleaner and more organized look to your website. The CB Filter Module enables you to create customized search filters to help users find the right content on your site. The CB Profile Pro Module allows you to customize user profiles, adding new fields and customizing the layout to meet your specific needs.

The CB Latest Module allows you to display the latest user activity on your website, including new members, new posts, and comments. The CB Login Module provides a customizable login form, making it easy for users to log in to your website. Finally, the CB Status Module enables you to display user statuses, such as online/offline status, or custom status messages.

Overall, the J!Module CB Plug - 6 Pack is an essential collection of plugins for Joomla website owners who want to enhance their user management capabilities. These plugins are easy to install and configure, and they provide a wide range of features and functionalities that are essential for managing user profiles and activity on your site.

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