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Smartaddons is a Joomla template studio that offers a wide range of professional and customizable Joomla templates for websites. The studio has been creating high-quality Joomla templates since 2011 and has become a trusted source for businesses and individuals looking to create a powerful online presence. Smartaddons offers a variety of Joomla templates that cater to different industries and niches, such as corporate, eCommerce, education, healthcare, and more. Their templates are designed with a focus on user experience and functionality, ensuring that websites built with their templates are easy to navigate and use. In addition to their templates, Smartaddons also provides a variety of useful features and extensions to enhance the functionality of your Joomla website. These include responsive design, easy customization, SEO optimization, and a user-friendly interface. Smartaddons is committed to providing their customers with top-notch support, offering 24/7 customer service and regular updates to their templates and extensions. With their extensive collection of Joomla templates and commitment to quality, Smartaddons is a great choice for anyone looking to create a professional and effective website on the Joomla platform.