JoomlaXTC - Joomla Extensions


JoomlaXTC is a software company that specializes in developing Joomla extensions, which are plugins or add-ons that can be integrated into Joomla-powered websites. JoomlaXTC's extensions are designed to enhance the functionality and usability of Joomla websites, making it easier for website owners to create engaging and interactive experiences for their visitors. JoomlaXTC's extensions cover a wide range of categories, including e-commerce, social networking, multimedia, and more. Some of their popular extensions include the AllVideos plugin, which enables the integration of videos from various sources into Joomla articles, and the XTC Contact Form, which provides a customizable and user-friendly contact form for website visitors. The company places a strong emphasis on usability and ease-of-use, ensuring that their extensions are easy to install and configure, and offer intuitive interfaces for both administrators and end-users. Additionally, JoomlaXTC provides comprehensive documentation and support for their extensions, ensuring that users can quickly and easily get up and running with their products. Overall, JoomlaXTC's extensions are a valuable addition to any Joomla website, offering a powerful and flexible set of tools for enhancing website functionality and user experience.