Virtuemart Product Wall

Virtuemart Product Wall is a Joomla module developed by JoomlaXTC that allows users to display Virtuemart products in an aesthetically pleasing wall layout. This module is designed to enhance the shopping experience of customers by providing an easy-to-navigate interface for browsing products.

The module supports a variety of customization options, allowing users to tailor the appearance of the product wall to their liking. Users can choose the number of columns, the height and width of each product image, and the number of products to display on the page. Additionally, the module supports various animation effects, such as fade-in and slide, to add a touch of interactivity to the product wall.

Virtuemart Product Wall is also highly versatile, with options to display products from a specific category, manufacturer, or custom product list. This enables users to create targeted product displays for specific promotions or marketing campaigns.

Another key feature of Virtuemart Product Wall is its responsive design, ensuring that the product wall adapts to different screen sizes and devices. This means that customers can easily browse products on their mobile devices without having to zoom in or out, providing a seamless shopping experience across all platforms.

Overall, Virtuemart Product Wall is a valuable module for Virtuemart users who want to create an engaging and user-friendly shopping experience. With its customizable layout, animation effects, and responsive design, it can help increase customer engagement and drive sales.


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