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VirtuemartTemplates is a studio that specializes in creating high-quality Joomla templates for online stores using the Virtuemart e-commerce platform. The studio is known for its expertise in creating responsive, user-friendly templates that are visually appealing and easy to navigate. Their Joomla templates are designed to help online store owners showcase their products effectively, increase sales, and improve customer satisfaction. The templates are created using the latest web design technologies and coding standards to ensure compatibility with all modern web browsers and devices. VirtuemartTemplates offers a wide range of customizable Joomla templates that cater to different industries and business types. They provide templates for various categories, including fashion, electronics, sports, jewelry, furniture, and many more. Each template is fully customizable, allowing businesses to tweak the design to match their branding and requirements. The studio also provides comprehensive customer support to help clients with any issues or questions they may have during the installation and setup process. VirtuemartTemplates' templates are regularly updated to ensure compatibility with the latest versions of Virtuemart and Joomla. In summary, VirtuemartTemplates is a trusted studio that provides high-quality, customizable Joomla templates for e-commerce websites using the Virtuemart platform. They help online store owners create visually appealing and user-friendly online stores that increase sales and improve customer satisfaction.

  • VM Serenity - joomla template

    VM Serenity

    VM Serenity is a premium Joomla template developed by VirtuemartTemplates that is designed to showcase an online store with elegance and sophistication. The template is built specifically for VirtueMart, a popular e-commerce extension for Joomla, and is compatible with Joomla 3.x versions.

    Version: 3.6.2/3.0.17
  • VM Mexo - joomla template

    VM Mexo

    VM Mexo is a Joomla template from VirtuemartTemplates designed specifically for online stores that use the VirtueMart e-commerce platform. The template features a clean and modern design with a focus on showcasing products in an organized and visually appealing manner.

    Version: 3.6/3.0.17
  • VM Xenon - joomla template

    VM Xenon

    The VM Xenon Joomla template from VirtuemartTemplates is a professional and modern e-commerce theme designed specifically for online stores built on the Virtuemart platform. The template features a clean and sleek design, with a focus on usability and functionality. The homepage of the VM Xenon template includes a large full-width slider at the top...

    Version: 3.6/3.0.17
  • VM Moderna Store - joomla template

    VM Moderna Store

    VM Moderna Store is a Joomla template designed specifically for Virtuemart, an eCommerce solution for Joomla. This template is modern and sleek, with a clean design that is fully responsive and optimized for mobile devices. The template features a customizable homepage slider, where you can showcase your products or promotions, and a dynamic product showcase...

    Version: 3.5.1/3.0.17
  • VM Elyse Shop - joomla template

    VM Elyse Shop

    VM Elyse Shop is a beautifully designed Joomla template that has been specifically created for online stores using the Virtuemart eCommerce platform. This template is a product of VirtuemartTemplates studio and is designed with a modern and elegant look that is sure to impress your customers. It comes with a clean and responsive design that looks great...

    Version: 3.5.1/3.0.16
  • VM Stilo Shop - joomla template

    VM Stilo Shop

    VM Stilo Shop is a versatile and stylish Joomla template designed by VirtuemartTemplates Studio for online stores using VirtueMart, a powerful eCommerce platform. The template has a modern and clean design, with a focus on usability and user experience. It is ideal for a wide range of online stores, including fashion, electronics, furniture, and more.

    Version: 3.5.1/3.0.16
  • VM Multim Shop - joomla template

    VM Multim Shop

    VM Multim Shop is a Joomla template designed by VirtuemartTemplates Studio specifically for e-commerce websites. The template is created using the powerful Virtuemart e-commerce extension, making it an excellent choice for online shops and businesses looking for a professional and easy-to-use platform to sell their products.

    Version: 3.5.1/3.0.16
  • VM Uniqua Shop - joomla template

    VM Uniqua Shop

    VM Uniqua Shop is a modern and professional Joomla template designed and developed by VirtuemartTemplates studio. It is specifically created for online shops and e-commerce websites that use Virtuemart, a popular e-commerce solution for Joomla. The template is fully responsive, which means it is optimized for all devices, including desktops...

    Version: 3.5.1/3.0.16
  • VM Hyper Shop - joomla template

    VM Hyper Shop

    VM Hyper Shop is a stunning and feature-rich Joomla template from VirtuemartTemplates studio that is designed for online stores and e-commerce websites. This template is built on the Joomla CMS platform and integrates with VirtueMart, a popular e-commerce extension for Joomla, making it easy to create an online store with all the necessary features.

    Version: 3.5.1/3.0.16
  • VM Ultimo Shop - joomla template

    VM Ultimo Shop

    VM Ultimo Shop is a versatile and modern Joomla template designed by VirtuemartTemplates studio for online stores. It is designed specifically for VirtueMart, a popular e-commerce extension for Joomla. The template is ideal for businesses of all sizes looking for a sleek and professional design for their online shop.

    Version: 3.6.2/