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The Articles Field is a Joomla plugin developed by RegularLabs that enhances the article creation process in Joomla. With this plugin, website administrators can create custom fields for their articles, allowing them to collect and display additional information beyond the basic article text and images.

The plugin is incredibly user-friendly and can be easily installed and configured without any coding knowledge required. Once installed, users can create custom fields in just a few clicks. These custom fields can be used to collect a wide range of data, including text, numbers, dates, and even images.

The Articles Field plugin also allows for field grouping, which can help users to organize their custom fields and make it easier to manage and update them. Additionally, it supports field repeaters, which means that users can create fields that can be repeated multiple times within an article, making it easy to add things like product lists, contact details, and more.

One of the most impressive features of the Articles Field plugin is its integration with Joomla's template overrides system. This means that users can customize the display of their custom fields in their Joomla templates, giving them complete control over the way their data is presented on the frontend of their website.

Overall, the Articles Field plugin is an incredibly powerful tool for website administrators who want to collect and display more data in their articles. Its ease of use and flexibility make it a must-have for anyone looking to take their Joomla website to the next level.


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Sep 2017
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Jan 2018
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