RT Grunge

RT Grunge is a Joomla template designed by RocketTheme with a focus on creating a unique, grunge-inspired design. The template features a dark, textured background with contrasting light text, creating a bold and eye-catching appearance.

RT Grunge includes a range of customizable features, allowing users to tailor the template to their specific needs. It comes with a variety of pre-built layouts and module positions, as well as an extensive collection of typography options and color schemes.

The template is also fully responsive, meaning it is optimized for viewing on mobile and tablet devices. This is essential for creating a seamless user experience across all devices, as more and more users are accessing websites on their smartphones and tablets.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, RT Grunge is also designed for speed and performance. It uses modern coding techniques and best practices to ensure fast loading times and smooth functionality.

Overall, RT Grunge is a powerful and customizable Joomla template that is perfect for businesses or individuals who want to make a strong visual impact online. Its unique design, customizable features, and responsive capabilities make it a popular choice among web developers and designers.


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Key Features:

Date Relise:
Jun 2010
Date Update:
Nov 2019
36 Mb

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