YT Salt

YT Salt is a Joomla template created by YooTheme, a company that specializes in designing and developing premium Joomla templates and WordPress themes. This template is ideal for those looking to create a professional and modern website with a clean and minimalist design.

YT Salt comes with a responsive layout, which means that it will automatically adjust to fit any screen size, making it accessible and easy to navigate on all devices. The template features a simple yet stylish design with a monochromatic color scheme, allowing your content to take center stage.

The template includes a range of customizable features, such as a custom logo, header, and footer, allowing you to create a unique look and feel for your website. YT Salt also includes pre-built page templates, such as a homepage, portfolio, and blog page, making it easy to get started and customize your site quickly.

YT Salt is optimized for speed and performance, ensuring that your website loads quickly and smoothly, even with high-resolution images and videos. Additionally, it is compatible with Joomla extensions, allowing you to add additional functionality to your site, such as social media integration, e-commerce capabilities, and more.

Overall, YT Salt is a versatile and user-friendly Joomla template that is ideal for those looking to create a modern and professional website quickly and easily.


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Key Features:

Date Relise:
Mar 2015
Date Update:
Apr 2019
22 Mb

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